A Little Piece of Apulia

Hello Michela.
I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to your Mamma, she is the most delightful lady, kind and understanding of my inadequate Italian.
I will put it down to one of the most rewarding, memorable days here, over our three months in Mesagne.
I realize it was not a complicated lesson, but what I got out of it was more than enough. I will now have the courage to put these meals I have learnt today into practice. They were Italian meals that I would never ever tried to cook.
I would highly recommend having a lesson with the Mamma to anyone who is interested, not only for the local food experience but also for the enjoyment of learning something new.
Your father is a real character and a laugh a minute; my husband John and I really enjoyed his company at the table.
All in all both you parents are very generous with their time and effort put into welcoming someone into their home.
And to take away all the food that was cooked after lunch was amazing.
Thank you again.


Ruth and John K., Queensland Australia,