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Learning Mediterranean

We are delighted to introduce to you our best and original Italian language course, a perfect Summer study holiday in Italy, in the South! 

Learning Med is a brand new l’Acanto School course. Our original study holiday offers to you the chance to experience Southern Italy and live like an Apulian, in the picturesque town of Mesagne. Mediterranean title refers to the area in which the l’Acanto School is located, surrounded by ancient olive groves, vineyards, beaches, the Ionian and the Adriatic coasts. Experience with us the perfect Mediterranean lifestyle.

What you can do

A week with passeggiate in the countryside, aperitivi in the historic centre admiring the white piazza with ornate buildings just at few steps away from the castle and the tall bell tower. The school is located in the historic centre of the little town that shows the Baroque art at its best in Puglia and Italy. Italian lessons held every morning help students to improve and refresh their language, while introducing them to Southern Italy, to Apulia, a unique region, rich in history, art, folklore and amazing food! 

Why visit us

The cultural, architectural, historical and artistic features from Apulia will impress you  and your emotions will be truly assaulted thanks to the intense flavours and smells of our Mediterranean food. The local cookery is based around organic, simple, genuine and wholesome food. The so called ‘cuisine of poverty’ where there are no rules but are absolutely overflowing in inspiration: fresh fish, wild vegetables, olive oil, breads, taralli, frise, fresh pasta, fresh cheeses, wine.

Everything must be experieced by visiting the local wine cooperatives (cantina), oil mills (frantoio), old farms (masseria), in order to taste the very best of the local produce. The cultivation of olives is one of Puglia’s most important activities. Indeed most of Italy’s mass consumed olive oil originates from here as for the delicious wines. 

… In Town

TOWN mesagne

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