Enjoy Italy and Italian with us

 L’Acanto isn’t just an Italian language school, it is an Italian experience

among the people, the colours, the sounds,

the smiles and the flavours

 of the South


“L´Acanto Italian language and culture school offers a unique and exceptional immersion into the Italian language” Stephanie S.

“If you are thinking of spending time in Puglia, learning Italian or cooking you could not find nicer people to spend time with” Ray M.

“The School has a personal feel beginning with the daily half hour get together before formal lessons. We would have coffee and discuss any topics the students were interested in. I received a great deal of personal attention due to the small class size” Steve W.


L’Acanto: Italian Language and Culture School in Puglia

Why spend a holiday study at the l’Acanto Italian language school in Italy?

Study and learn Italian with us because…

At l’Acanto language school, we believe that to effectively learn Italian, you must experience life among the Italian people, which at l’Acanto, is exactly what we offer you.

Our best Italian language courses mean you will be warmly welcomed as a special guest and made to feel immediately at ease. Moreover, you get to spend an Italian study holiday in a truly remarkable region. Puglia is rich in charming and ancient towns where Romans, Greeks, crusaders and other passed civilizations, left their imprint and much historical evidence on the people, towns and landscape. Coming here, you will feel as if you were taking a walk back in time through the pages of history.

Coming to Puglia, means the opportunity to discover a place unspoiled by tourists, full of long sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, vineyards, old olive groves, castles and local trulli (the unique coned houses, found no where else on earth). What else will you find in Puglia? Well, the answer is a slower pace of life to the one you’re probably used to. This means people have time to stop and chat, to share their hospitality, great Mediterranean food, folklore, passion for music and lively local dances from Puglia. All in all, a place that you can fall in love with.

OK, so the region is fantastic, but what about the L’Acanto Italian language school itself? Well we could mention the Italian courses structure, the small student groups (with no more than 4 students per class, sometimes also only one student per class), or the modern air-conditioned classrooms in a 19th century building full of character located in the town’s centre. However, what we feel is our unique selling proposition, are the two teachers (including the school director), who look after you as if you were part of their family. In short, we don’t approach this as just some 9 to 5 job, this is what we do, because we love doing it. But hey, if you don’t believe what we say, why not read the opinions of recent students and what they have to say about us…

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In summary, choosing a stay at the l’Acanto school, means much more than just learning the Italian language in southern Italy, it’s also a great study holiday. It’s also a special place where you will meet friends and build memories for a lifetime. Some people didn’t want to leave and have since bought second homes in the area.


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