Our Italian School in Mesagne (Puglia): Learn Italian with us!

The lessons were so interesting, varied and fun that I really looked forward to them. If you want to combine excellent tuition with a great holiday, my advice is … Get in touch with l’Acanto.” Ian W.

L’Acanto’s central location in the distinctive historic centre of Mesagne, in Puglia, allows students direct contact with local daily life and a wide choice of local bars, restaurants and shops, a library, a museum and various cultural and municipal events.

L’Acanto offers Italian language holiday study courses in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere as a meeting point for sharing stories, cultures and traditions.

Not only do students feel welcome and enjoy total immersion in the local culture and language, but furthermore, l’Acanto is also well equipped to provide tailor-made solutions for individual needs and expectations through its friendly and personal approach.

Studying a language can be a great personal learning experience as well as a continuing source of friendship, a door to a new social and cultural dimension.

A study visit to l’Acanto can therefore be a wonderful opportunity to combine leisure with learning, a place where guests can establish or improve their language skills in a relaxed and pleasurable fashion.

 Teaching methology

The Italian lessons focus on the 4 linguistic skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening) with a practical communicative approach.

Teaching equipment (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs) are selected by professional teachers in order to provide engaging activities where the student is the centre of attention.

After having regularly attended a course at our school you will receive one of our certificates, without taking any exam. This certificate of attendance confirms your level of linguistic competence achieved according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching.

A stimulating approach is taken to the teaching of grammar through the use of interactive exercises, dialogues, topic conversations and linguistic games. Such lessons spill over from the classroom into, for instance, chats in a bar or a tour of a local market.

Focus is given to phonetics to establish a better understanding of the relationship between spelling and pronunciation. Aspects of the Italian language and society are considered with particular attention to the history and customs of the Puglian region.

The languages courses at the l’Acanto School are aimed to bring students into closer contact with the region through activities that include dance, music, gastronomy of the fascinating Puglian folklore.



The Acanto (Acanthus) is a plant indigenous to the Mediterranean basin. The Acanto leaf has served in all ages as an ornament in the arts and the school boasts such an emblem over its front door. The Acanto is an elegant and proud plant, a symbol of prosperity and prestige, and a dried acanto leaf supports those undertaking new ventures.