Tailor Made


Exclusive Italian language course, tailor made tuition

Exclusive Italian language course for adults, only available in July and in September. A personalized Italian language class and tuition, a real and direct experience with the Italian local culture on the spot

Offer: 10 hours of one-to-tuition a week (2hours per day)

-Minimum length of course 1 week (Monday to Friday)

-Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Italian language courses provided

-For courses over 4 weeks, a reduced price is offered for extra week

-The School’s office is delighted to discuss and arrange your personalized timetable

-Upon completion of your course you will receive a certificate of proof of attendance with details of the level you have reached

– Guided tours are available on demand and for an additional price. That is a fantastic chance to improve and practice your Italian by having informal conversations with the locals. The best half day excursions to be experienced are: wine and olive tasting; visiting old towns along the Roman Appian Way (Mesagne, Oria, Brindisi)