Calendar 2020

Italian language Courses starting dates 2019

In 2020, l´Acanto Italian language Summer courses will run throughout July and September. These months are the ideal time to enjoy a pure Italian language study holiday in Italy and experience Southern Italy, because life is especially lively, with a lot of great Summer folk festivals. If temperatures soar, you can always take refuge at the beach or cool down with an espresso with ice! For our special Summer course Learning Mediterranean in Town, check the following dates below. Contact us

In Winter, Spring and Autumn only: Italian Phonetic courses; Cooking lessons; Tailor made Italian language course (one-to-one Tuition). Dates on request. For further information about availability, or any other request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Learning Med in town in July 

Week ( Monday->Friday )

from 6th to 10th

from 13th to 17th

from 20th to 25th

from 27th to 31st

Learning Med in town in September 

Week ( Monday->Friday )

from 31st Augutst to 5th September

from 7th to 11th

from 14th to 18th

from 21st to 25th