phonetics course



Phonetics Course, fluency and confidence in everyday Italian situations

If you have been studying Italian for some time but realise that your pronunciation is still far from perfect, maybe a phonetics course would help to strengthen and improve your Italian pronunciation. In fact, pronunciation is one of the areas students find most difficult to master… Even if they say that drinking a glass or two of red wine allows you speak Italian more easily!

We offer a tailor-made Italian class concentrated on phonetics. The Italian phonetics course is run by a professional, patient and talented speech therapist. She will enable you to improve your reading and speaking skills by teaching focused exercises that you can then repeat and practise on your own. You will work on difficult and challenging sounds used in the Italian language. You will also exercise the right stress and intonation to enable you to develop a more natural Italian accent.

The course aims to increase participants’ fluency and confidence in everyday Italian situations. It demonstrates ways to control pace and stress for maximum clarity and understanding and underlines the importance of using intonation to create interest and variety in the spoken Italian word.