“Mesagne is a beautiful town, with friendly people and steeped in history. The old part of Mesagne is like stepping onto the film set of Cinema Paradiso (and if you haven’t see that movie I urge you to do so, then book your flight) and as you begin your classes at l’Acanto you will ask yourself why didn’t I do this a long time ago.” Caroline C.


Mesagne is an elegant, charming and beautiful town typical of southern Italy. Art, culture, tradition and history make it particularly fascinating and full of interest, surrounded by rich, vibrant and fertile land overflowing with luscious vintage wines, sweet fruit and sun drenched Mediterranean flavours.


Countless age-old olive trees girdle, protect and nourish Mesagne, much as the crusading knights and kings of noble fable once stood guard over the city. Situated mid way between the Ionian and the Adriatic coasts, Mesagne grew to be a fortress as a result of its strategic position in the ‘Penisola Salentina’, the strip of Puglia region abundant in astonishingly beautiful and pristine beaches, unspoilt nature, captivating folklore and a multitude of outdoor activities begging to be discovered.


Mesagne is 68 km from Alberobello, 29 from Ostuni, 96 from Otranto, 120 from Santa Maria di Leuca, 67 from Gallipoli. These are just some of the most beutiful and easily accessible destinations of interest.

In addition, you can visit the WWF preserve by the sea, in Torre Guaceto , for a delightful full immersion with nature and is only 15 minutes from Mesagne. Moreover, to get to the nearest beaches it takes just 15 minutes to get to Adriatic and 40 minutes to Ionian coast.


Whilst visiting some of the places described above, will undoubtedly impress you with their cultural, architectural, historical and artistic offering, your emotions will be truly assaulted thanks to the intense flavours and smells of our Mediterranean food, as seen on TV when Jamie Oliver visited the area in the summer of 2005. The local cookery is based around organic, simple, genuine and wholesome food. The so called ‘cuisine of poverty’ where there are no rules but are absolutely overflowing in inspiration: fresh fish, wild vegetables, olive oil, breads, taralli, frise, fresh pasta, fresh cheeses, wine, liqueurs…. everything must be experieced by visiting the local wine cooperatives (cantina), oil mills (frantoio), old farms (masseria), in order to taste the very best of the local produce.


You shouldn’t miss the traditional ‘Salento’ and experience the local music and dance belonging to a past time full of popular songs and sounds that recount tales of passionate love, life and struggle. It is due to our marvellous microclimate which ensures sunny weather for much of the year, that there are such an abundance of out-door festivals. This is when the main village and town squares show off their real character, providing a popular and unique way for communication and gathering of communities, to reflect local art, tradition and culture. Pizzica Salentina, the local dance, is the typical dance of the region and its people. Easy to learn and fun for all age groups to participate in, you will find that language and cultural differences are quickly forgotten in the hypnotic beat of the music.