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Spend a week, or more, with l’Acanto school in the heart of Mesagne

Mesagne is an elegant, charming and beautiful town typical of southern Italy. Art, culture, tradition and history make it particularly fascinating and full of interest, surrounded by rich, vibrant and fertile land overflowing with luscious vintage wines, sweet fruit and sun drenched Mediterranean flavours.

 Countless age-old olive trees girdle, protect and nourish Mesagne, much as the crusading knights and kings of noble fable once stood guard over the city. Situated mid way between the Ionian and the Adriatic coasts, Mesagne grew to be a fortress as a result of its strategic position in the ‘Penisola Salentina’, the strip of Puglia region abundant in astonishingly beautiful and pristine beaches, unspoilt nature, captivating folklore and a multitude of outdoor activities begging to be discovered.

Lessons take place in the morning from 9am to 11am, Monday to Friday. All language levels are welcome. A tailored course for 10 hours a week to improve your Italian. Focusing on improving your grammar, building confidence in conversation and targeting problems you have with the language, the course grows with you as your knowledge increases.

The aim of providing the school with the information to correctly determine the student’s level of language ability, such as for elementary and intermediate students, is determined by informal conversations held by the teachers.

We offer all students a familiarization in the town of Mesagne by providing all the information and outlines at your arrival in order to know the local facilities and get a feel for the local history and of this ancient and fascinating town.

We often start our classes with a ‘primo caffè del giorno’ at School and give you the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow students, school staff and start relaxing into your new Italian day in the magic beauty of Puglia. Part of the informal lectures will include  a walk through the daily food and vegetable market, to sample food, chat to and buy from local producers; and a visit to one of the oldest bakery in town to learn how to prepare traditional bread and taste some warm bread straight out of the stone oven!



If you don’t drive a car, you do not like visiting places alone,  you do not have enough time, then you can take organized tours with additional price offered by the School. Most of the visits are accompanied by your teacher.

Afternoon excursions and cultural Mediterranean experiences can include:

  • A visit to Masseria, a wine cooperative farm, The chance to talk to the owners about their mission and taste their home made wine
  • Fotografando: a chance to take your camera out for a guided tour of Mesagne, a lovely old town with a beautiful castle, picturesque hidden squares and Baroque churches.
  • Una passeggiata a Brindisi: an opportunity to visit Brindisi, an historic town by the sea, marking the end of the old Roman Appian way
  • In cucina: a chance to learn how to make some simple and healthy Apulian recipes with a lovely Italian Mamma and pick up some great cooking tips!
  • A visit to an Apulian Masseria to taste fresh mozzarella and other cheeses




Studying at L’Acanto provides a fantastic opportunity to temporarily live in a small city in Puglia, without the tourist crush of Rome or Tuscany. The school is located in Mesagne’s beautiful centro storico, which is surrounded by the more modern portion of the city.
Esther T., USA


I was lucky enough to have one-to-one lessons with Michela, the owner and main teacher at l’Acanto. The lessons were carefully planned to meet my requirements and the teacher went out of her way to find interesting, stimulating and varied materials covering all four language skills. She was always ready to explain any queries I had regarding language issues I had, and gladly offered suggestions about local shops and places to visit; in fact, Michela and her staff will accompany students to major places of interest in Puglia. The school is small, friendly and welcoming – an ideal atmosphere for improving/learning Italian.
Gerarld Y., Sri Lanka


This is the South where (perhaps almost incomprehensibly to Anglo-Saxons) welcoming strangers is a way of life. Even more so in a town where outsiders are relatively rare and no one is tired of the tourism thing. From (newly made) friends, people in the street and shopkeepers we received warmth, often generosity and sometimes an embarrassing excess of the latter.
Michael e Margaret R., Australia


However, put simply, whether you stay six days or six months, (as I have just done), l’Acanto Teachers will ensure that your experience is memorable.
Irena L., Scotland (UK)


I spent a lovely week at L’Acanto. School was well structured and tailored to the needs of each student so everyone benefited. My objective was to prove to myself that I could bridge the gap between studying Italian and actually being brave enough to risk speaking it! – and this proved the perfect way to do this ie., in a small school, away from the big centres.
Moira N., UK


My time at l’Acanto was very rewarding and everyone was always kind and helpful from where to go and what to do to where to do the shopping.
The learning process was always interesting and fun and as well as improving my Italian. I learnt a lot of the life, history and culture of Puglia.
Judith C., New Zeland


The L’Acanto language school in Mesagne, Puglia promised a unique experience in a quiet southern Italian town surrounded by history and natural beauty…away from tourists.That was exactly what I was looking for. The lessons carried into the busy market place amongst the fresh seafood, the cheeses, and the tree ripened fruits. They continued amongst the century old olive trees, the cactus pears and the fig trees and they moved onto the warm sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters.
Each day was a new adventure.
Mary W., Canada