I have just returned from two wonderful weeks at L’Acanto Italian school. I can not recommend it highly enough. It is a very small school that can ensure that the standard of teaching is consistently high, and that concentrates on ensuring that every student receives tuition that is targetted at exactly that student’s needs. The classes are small, sometimes even one-to-one and if the needs of the students vary sufficiently, the Director brings in additional teaching staff. Lessons are prepared meticulously, with great variety in teaching methods and the Director is very skilled in ensuring that everyone contributes at their own level. However, L’Acanto is not only about learning italian, but also about learning about the culture of south Italy and the warmth of its citizens. The Director is very interested in explaining (in clear italian) about the history, traditions and culture of the area. She will take you on a tour of the historic town centre and on a visit to the local market. She will also arrange visits to local towns or sort out tickets for the bus or train. Food is the other vital ingredient and is superb (whether you have a family stay, with her parents, or are in bed and breakfast).

Annette H, Psychologist, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK,