My 3 month stay in Mesagne was, overall, the longest and the best of the 5 Italian language schools I have attended.

The 2 teachers guided me in the Italian language, grammar and culture.

The classes were small and personalized to benefit my beginner plus level.

My twice weekly phonetics class helped me with my Texas accent and to pronounce syllables with more accuracy. Once a week, the School director utilized off campus excursions, throughout the area, to acquaint everyone with the local wine, cheese and olive oil making as well as architectural and historical sights.

On weekends, I felt comfortable to use the trains and buses for sight seeing in other small towns and transportation was dependable.

My apartment was modern, comfortable and my padrona was very attentive and kind.

The school L’Acanto was a true immersion into La Lingua e La Vita Italiana.

Lynn (Lina) P. Dallas Texas USA,