“Go to Puglia!”
Those were my instructions once I decided to spend 3 weeks in Italy to improve my Italian.
The L’Acanto language school in Mesagne, Puglia promised a unique experience in a quiet southern Italian town surrounded by history and natural beauty…away from tourists.That was exactly what I was looking for.
And what an experience it was, from the very first day when two other students treated me to an impromptu feast at their apartment to the last when I had to say goodbye to the residents who had welcomed me into their homes and into their hearts.
There is no doubt the director of the school is totally devoted to teaching. Her passion and her exceptional organizational skills made the lessons fun and focused. The lessons carried into the busy market place amongst the fresh seafood, the cheeses, and the tree ripened fruits. They continued amongst the century old olive trees, the cactus pears and the fig trees and they moved onto the warm sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters.
Each day was a new adventure. After class, I would hop on the train and journey to the fairy tale like world of the Trullis or visit historic towns perched on high cliffs overlooking crashing waves or venture into stunning caves deep underground or find silence at the site of a terrible massacre by invaders more than 500 years ago.
Fellow commuters on the trains were as interested in my life as I was in theirs. Long conversations boosted my knowledge of the language and gave me a unique glimpse into their lives.
So in this small quiet town in Puglia I did find what I was looking for.

Mary W. , Montreal, Canada,