I have spent 2 fantastic weeks at L’Acanto School in Mesagne.It was a very memorable time. The experience was beyond expectation.

From the start the response on emails from the Director were very helpful .

I sensed the warmth and interest in advising the course that will help me improve.

The school location is in vicinity of good family restaurants, pubs wine bars.

Mesagne is a lovely city to discover.

The morning arriving in school was a warm welcome.

Being few in the class each of us had the attention needed.

The teacher was patient and very passionate about her work.

She gave interest in the progress of her students.

I enjoyed each day being there.

After the group class I had an extra hour one on one lesson with Michela and she helped me tremendously improve in tackling my weak points.

My Italian tutor in London complimented my improvement in


The Director also carefully planned my train schedule

each afternoon and week ends to Lecce, Otranto, Polignano and Ostuni.

She always made sure I was comfortable. I could not thank her enough.

No word is enough to show my appreciation.

Without hesitation I highly recommend the school.

When I can I will return again

Siham R., London, UK,