I just completed three weeks at l’Acanto School in Mesagne situated in Italy’s heel.

The School has a personal feel beginning with the daily half hour get together before formal lessons. We would have coffee and discuss any topics the students were interested in. I received a great deal of personal attention due to the small class size.

The director took a strong interest in each students’ progress in class but also broadened our cultural knowledge with trips to an open air market, as well as wine, olive and cheese processing facilities. One Saturday was devoted to a trip to Lecce, a historical city nearby. After all, this was a learning vacation!

Mesagne is a small walkable city with many neighborhood shops and restaurants but bus or train travel to larger cities of Brindisi and Bari is easy and inexpensive. I think over all it is less expensive to a language school/vacation in southern Italy. At least it was my experience to find less expensive meals here than in other Italian cities. The people are friendly and there is ample opportunity to use your new language skills.

One unique experience I had that I hope others don’t have was a medical emergency. The care was through and the School director stayed with us at the local hospital until treatment was completed at 2am! Just another example of personal attention.

My Italian continues to improve and I feel I have had a good experience at l’Acanto

Steve (Stefano) W., Retired Pilot, New York – USA,