Italian Courses


Italian language Courses at l'Acanto School (Puglia) 

"L'Acanto's approach to teaching is to involve her students in everyday Italian life and living, which is why she not only taught us her language but also how to enjoy 'la dolce vita'." Janis B.

"I definitely recommend L'Acanto School. It was the type of experience I wouldn't have had if I had gone to a larger school." Alicia T.

"I recently spent two mornings taking Italian class with Michela at the L’Acanto school in the city of Mesagne, Italy. I have been studying Italian for two years with various teachers and Michela is one of the best, very experienced and professional" Ray M.,


Italian language Course Tailor-made

Exclusive Italian language course, only available in Spring, Autumn and Winter

Offer: 10 hours of tuition a week (2hours per day), one to one sessions

-Minimum length of course 1 week (Monday to Friday)

-Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Italian language courses provided

-For courses over 4 weeks, a reduced price is offered for extra week

-The School's office is delighted to discuss and arrange your personalized timetable

-Upon completion of your course you will receive a certificate of proof of attendance with details of the level you have reached

- Guided tours are available on demand and for an additional price. That is a fantastic chance to improve and practice your Italian by having informal conversations with the locals. The best half day excursions to be experienced are: wine and olive tasting; visiting old towns along the Roman Appian Way (Mesagne, Oria, Brindisi)

Learning Mediterranean

Learning Mediterranean is a brand new l'Acanto School course starting in June 2016. This study holiday offers students the chance to experience Southern Italy and live like an Apulian, either in town. Mediterranean, and refers to the area in which the l'Acanto School is located. Surrounded by ancient olive groves, vineyards, and beaches, the school allows students to sample the ingredienti that make up the perfect Mediterranean life. Available only in June, July, September.

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