student testimonials

“I found l’Acanto and its charming teacher, purely by happenstance, for which good fortune I am eternally grateful. But this good fortune is compounded by the astonishing location of the school, in the spectacular old town, città vecchia, of Mesagne. Not a normal “tourist” location, Mesagne is heartstoppingly old time Italian. Inland by a half hour from Brindisi, the nearest sea port and airport, the town is IDEAL for those wishing not just to learn Italian, but to learn “Italians”.”

Phil Burton, Engeneer, Manchester, UK,

“At l’Acanto School I acquired a great knowledge of the Italian language that helped me to achieve a better standard on my Italian language knowledge, especially my speaking skill greatly improved. made for me easier what was difficult and she was the support to rely on by providing to me always the best answer to al my personal doubts. In addition, she was the person that allowed me to discover this fantastic Puglian region, by planning the perfect tours in the unspoilt places full of art and culture.”

Amaya G., Teacher, Zaragoza, Spain,

“Dear Italian family and dear l’Acanto, Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was such a fantastic stay here with you, in company with interesting and kind people. With you each moment is lived intensively and the past is really ‘passato remoto’.”

Nathalie S., Translator, Belgium,

“I passed a fabulous week in Mesagne and with l’ Acanto. 10 hours and a week time is clearly insufficient for anything, but thanks to many activities around the lessons and an individual learning formula that helped me to pinpoint my weaknesses and bettering them, it was more than worth. The additional input gained from conversations with Italian friends of the school made the difference for me. A dedicated teacher, even after hours nothing was too much. “

Peter S., Düsseldorf, (Germany),