I recently spent two mornings taking Italian class with Michela at the L’Acanto school in the city of  Mesagne, Italy.  I have been studying Italian for two years with various teachers and Michela is one of the best, very experienced and professional.

My wife and I also rented their apartment for two nights, the morning started with breakfast prepared by Michela’s mother who speaks very little English and that was exactly what I wanted.  Next off to Italian class with Michela while my wife took cooking lessons with, at noon Michela’s father gave me a ride back to the apartment in his 1966 Fiat 500, what a treat.

Back at our apartment we ate the meal from the cooking lesson, we were only two but there was enough food for 4 people.

If you are thinking of spending time in Puglia, learning Italian or cooking you could not find nicer people to spend time with and the apartment stay, food and lessons were very good value.  I wish we had booked a week instead of just two nights.

Best Regards,


Ray M., NY, USA,