L´Acanto Scuola di Lingua and Cultura Italiana in Puglia offers a unique and exceptional immersion into the Italian language. This experience occurs because of the professionalism of Michela, the owner and instructor of the courses.

As a retired educator I can recognize the qualities of an excellent teacher. Michela can tailor the language classes to an individual´s strengths.

My quest to learn Italian is two-fold. The first is to improve my language skills and secondly to stay in areas of Italy off the beaten path of tourists. I chose a study holiday by the beach with l´Acanto. I had Italian lessons in the morning, then spent part of the day swimming in the gorgeous Ionian Sea. In addition to the language classes, in the afternoon Michela offered excursions to the city, cultural centers and local markets. Throughout the days there were many opportunities to speak my improved Italian. This area is an „Italian secret“.

Each evening we had dinner outdoors al fresco style and lots of Italian chats with the family. The meals were favorite recipes of Michela´s mother. Each meal was a culinary treat. All the ingredients were from the surrounding areas and their freshness of the food added more delicious flavors.

Finding l´Acanto School was a discovery that led to a wonderful week´s stay with an exceptionally talented Italian teacher. I traveled there from the United States. Prior to coming to l´Acanto, I corresponded with Michela via emails. My emails were answered promptly and with concern for my questions.

I truly experienced the La Bella Vita, life Italy offers to its visitors. I hope to return in the future to l´Acanto.

Stephanie S., retired educator, NY City,